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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fodder Wheat Grass & Sprouts

 I let the Wheat Grass grow to about 6-8" for my Goats and pony
 No soil needed in growing Wheat Grass
 This is how it looks right after you take the newspaper off and allow it to get some light.
 I also grow them in clam shells for me and for the pony as a one serving size
 You can see the tails starting to form.  I keep them in the dark until you see the yellow grass growing.  Notice I also put sunflower seeds and whole oats in the mix
Right before the tails start to form


  1. I am really interested in growing wheatgrass fodder for my chickens. I've tried sprouting them in jars and they grew together with little grass tips so now I want to grow grass in pie plates. Would you mind describing the beginning steps you use to grow it mould free?

  2. I am not sure I would use metal pie pans. Try and find something plastic or glass. You will not have a problem with mold this time of year, winter. Soak your wheat grass for 24 hours, strain and rinse the water out. leave it in that container until it starts to get a tail. Move it to your "pie pan" plastic or glass, keep it in the dark this whole time or just cover it with newspaper. rinse it a couple of times a day. The roots will start to grow and tangle with each other and it is a lot easy to rinse, keep covered until you get the yellow grass spikes. Yellow grass spikes uncover all light and keep watering and draining the water out. Let it get as tall as you like and there you go. It is sweet tasting. Hope this helps