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Friday, May 5, 2017

Fleas taking over the house and your pets?

FLEAS, FLEAS and more uncontrollable fleas in your house

Flea invasion what I do naturally?  Neem powder REALLY works and yes even with carpet.  But you have to be will to live with the neem powder in and all over your house for a couple of days at least.  Here is a link for the organic neem powder

Dust your carpet with a garden powder duster, lightly.  Spread it in all corners and around baseboard in your home.

Bathe your pets with

Make sure you wash all of your bed linens and you can also use Sugar Nannys flea soap for that.  Just grate a bit of the soap and place the grated soap in water and allow to melt and then add the melted soap to your washer.

For your lawn or around your house and entry Organic Neem Oil

Now remember that you have rid your home of adults and eggs so in about 5-8 days the eggs will hatch and then the youngest eggs will hatch in another 5-8 days.

It is also important to worm your pets because fleas carry the worm that infects your pets when the fleas bite your pets.  For Sugar Nanny flea soap that does kill fleas on dogs and cats check out 

Hope this helps.  Please share

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