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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Latest Adventure Growing Shiitake Mushroom and Herbs

I have always wanted to grow mushrooms along with medicinal and cooking herbs.  Well now I am .  It has been a lot fun.  We had some shiitake mushrooms last night and they were EXCELLENT.  All I did was saute them in butter and OH what flavor.  I will also be involved with growing oyster and hen of the woods mushrooms.  I will show the mushroom growing process on my blog as time goes on.

The herbs are still at the seedling stage but they are really shooting up and will need to be transplanted soon.  I have a deep heart felt desire to make and create things that make people feel better and improve their quality of life.  The mushrooms are and herbs are grown chemical free.  My goat milk soap and salve, soon to come, are also make as natural as possible.  My salve that I am working on is for people with severe skin problems.  I will talk about that more later.

I will be selling my herbs and mushrooms from the farm.  So you will be able to stop by or order fresh from the farm products.  I will also have a basil garden for fresh pesto, pepper patch for salsa, tea garden for fresh or dried teas.  The medicinal herbs will be listed on the website when they are ready.

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