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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amish RV??

When I first pulled up to Uriah's house I thought what the heck????  Could it be an Amish RV?  Oh, no it is the church wagon.  The Amish have church once a month at someones home and this month was Uriah's turn.  All the chairs and tables are in the wagon along with drawing of how to properly put everything back.  You would not believe all the items in this wagon.  After church the wagon is then moved on to the next persons house.
Having church at your home is a really big deal.  The women spend all week scrubbing and I mean scrubbing the entire house.  Ceilings, walls and absolutely every inch of the house is scrubbed and polished.  Oh I must mention all items are hid that might be "English" related.  The preacher is the main man in the community he controls everything.  And YES the do tell on each other quite a bit.

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