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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amish made Oven rack Push and Pull tool

Kitchen, oven rack, tool, bbq  Only $2.00Kitchen tool, pulls, pushes, hot ovens racks, handmade, amish
Amish crafted, handmade oven rack tool, tool pushes the HOT rack in and pulls the hot rack out with very little effort. Much easier to use than a pot holder or oven mit. It also has a little hole at the end to hang it from when not in use. Very convenient and a crafty kithcen tool. I saw this in Matties mothers kitchen and I asked what it was and they told me and I thought "WHAT A GREAT IDEA"! I LOVE this item. It would be a neat a different item for a restraunt to sell with their logo on it and the price is GREAT!

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