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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amish lifestyles compared to "English"

I am not sure if I have some of this on my blog or not but here you go.  The Amish kids, boys especially, are allowed to try the "English" ways including a drivers license for a year to a year and a half at the most.  They feel that once they get it out of their system they will return the Amish ways.  Some do and some don't but the parents kind of like it because they have a chauffeur that can drive them around for a year or so.  If a kid jumps the fence and turns English they are not permitted to eat at the same table as the rest of the family and are shunned but once again that depends of the level of Amish order they belong to.

The Amish kids see how much money their parents make by being "Amish".  They have a thriving business whether it is building homes or making furniture because the general public believes Amish made is better quality and there REALLY IS NO DIFFERENCE.  They use generator so they can use power tools to build homes to furniture.  The Amish name increases the price no matter if it is butter or furniture.  Don't get me wrong some of the stuff is REALLY incredible craftsmanship but that is because they can charge more and people pay it because of the AMISH name.  The general public is not willing to pay an English man more for the exact same thing an Amish person made.  The English man has higher overhead.  Why, because the English person can not get his children to work and hand over all their paycheck.  The Amish parents give the kids 10% of their check back and they use the rest for household expenses or put it in a savings for the kids for when they get married.  The kids are out of school at the age of 14 with an 8th grade education.  So that is a lot
of earned money for the parents.  By the way the kids are more educated than most of the English kids that graduate from high school.  That is those without a learning disability.  The Amish have a special education school for the learning disabled.

If you can follow my blog and ask questions and   I will answer them on my blog if I know the answer and if I don't I will ask Uriah he is my Amish buddy

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