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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


For beginners this is the easiest SemiSoft Chevre recipe it is titled

Neufchatel Super easy and just goes to show no heating of milk! 2 day process

Neufchatel (using goats milk)

2 quarts goats milk

2 tbls plain yogurt

1/4 tablet rennet (in 1 tsp cool unclorinated water)

In large bowl or 2 quart jar add yogurt to milk and stir well, mix the 1/4/ tablet of rennet in 1 tsp of unchlorinated water, add to milk. Let this sit on the counter overnight, next morning pour milk into a muslin/cheesecloth lined strainer let it drain/hang at least half the day. Then put cheese in a bowl add any ingredients you wish

dry ranch dressing, finely grated cheese, bacon bits, chives, olives. And keep in refridge up to a week.

I make this a lot it is so easy and you can make it different by the ingredients everytime.

I am not the author I found it handwritten in a article no name author.

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