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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shiitake Mushrooms for your health

Medicinal Uses

The medicinal effects of Shiitake Mushrooms have been researched and
it has been found that they do have an anti-tumor effect in laboratory
mice. Part of this is due to the presence of a polysaccharide called
lentinan, which is a D-glucan. These are complex sugars that have an
impact on the overall performance of the immune system.

Extracts from Shiitake mushrooms have also been researched for their
immune system benefits. These benefits range from treatments to severe
allergies to anti-viral effects. There is also evidence that Shiitake
mushrooms have an incredible impact on arthritis. For thrombosis,
Shiitake is commonly used because of a key flavor compound within it
called Lenthionine that allows platelet aggregation.

In addition to the anti-tymor effect, lentinan stimulates the immune
system in order to strengthen its defenses against cancer, fungal
infections, and viruses. There have been clinical trials that state
lentinans can increase the chance of survival of people with stomach
cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

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