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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have finailly made the herbal deoderant and lip balm

I have always wanted to create my own line of herbal skin care and I am finially doing it.  But only one problem.  Will I be able to create the exact same recipe again, NOOOOO.  I got carried away with counting the drops of essential oil and just poured a dap in. 

My deoderant is all natural and NO goat milk.  I promise. But I did use arrowroot, coconut oil, clary sage and elemi essential oils.  It looks like it will set up nice but one never knows.

My favorite item in the makeup department is lip gloss or lip balm.  I made a lip balm with olive oil, organic bees wax, calendula, nutmeg essential oil and sweet orange essential oil.  It is also setting up nice.

My computer skills are very limited so we will see what the labels look like after I am done.

UPDATE::::  My brother wanted to try my soap on his hair to see if it helped his thinning problem on the top of his head.  He called and said "I can't believe this but my hair is filling in on the bare spots."  My brother keeps his hair REALLY short so it is easy to tell were he had the bare spots.  He has only been using it maybe 2 weeks.  Needless to say this really please my brother but I am extactic!  My prayers are being answered.  My prayer is to be able to help people with my line of natural products.  Unless you have or had a skin disorder or hair loss you really don't understand how it CAN disrupt your life and self esteem.  I had itchy skin for years.  My legs, back and arms always itched.  I went to every kind of doctor out there and everyone had a different answer but NOT ONE worked for longer than a month.  This is the first year, in many, that I am not itching.

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