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Thursday, January 28, 2010

One More Month Until Spring

We had a thaw and I got all excited thinking spring was REALLY on its way and then it happened, yes it snowed.
My Goaties love the winter weather. They along with my two Maremmas have started to shed. It seems kind of early to me but they know what is going on better than I do.
I am really going miss my spring kids with my dairy goats this spring but I will be happy with early summer or fall kids. My Fathers Boer Kiko mixed does will be kidding. So we will have babies just not the fun loving and entertaining Saanen Dairy kids.
I am finding a big difference between the meat goats and my dairy goats. The Saanens are very loving and the Boer/Kiko goats kind of like attention but not really unless you have peanuts.

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