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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dairy Goat Farm

Meet three of the girls. The closest doe is Vera Wang, middle is Chantilly and behind her is Chanel. Chantilly is also known as Tilly. Tilly was my first doe in fall of 2007.

I had wanted to start a dairy goat farm for years and did a lot of research on what breed and what each breed had to offer. Then when I finialy decided on the American Saanen I went on the hunt for not just any breeder but an exceptional breeder that truely loved and knew the breed inside and out.

As I was new to goats I really had to have a good relationship with a breeder that would lead and direct me in the right direction. As luck would have it I saw an ad for Smith & Jones Dairy Goat Farm outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I called and talked to Sondra for hours and I knew they were the breeders that would become a very good friend personally and a mentor into the dairy goat world. Sondra and her husband Smity have directed me in goat health and what to look for in breeding.


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